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A luxury 360 Booth Experience

Are you ready to capture unforgettable moments and add a touch of glamour to your wedding? Look no further than Xpress Entertainment’s state-of-the-art 360 Booth! Our professional-grade 360 booth, equipped with a powerful iphone 14 camera and studio-style lighting, guarantees exceptional video quality that will leave you and your guests in awe.

Professional-Grade Quality

Our video Booth is powered by a Iphone 14 camera, renowned for its superior image capturing capabilities. This ensures that every video is crystal clear and full of vibrant details, preserving the essence of your event for years to come.

Studio-Style Lighting

 The studio-style lighting surrounding 360 booth illuminates each video with precision, eliminating shadows and providing a flattering, well-lit environment for stunning videos. Say goodbye to poorly lit videos and hello to movie-worthy shots.

Seamless Operation

Our user-friendly interface ensures guests of all ages can easily interact with the 360 booth. From selecting filters to striking poses, our 360 booth guides you effortlessly, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience for everyone.

Customization Options

Tailor your 360 booth experience to match the theme of your event. Choose from a range of backdrops, props, and print layouts to make each snapshot truly unique and reflective of your event’s style.

Why Choose a 360 Booth?

In today’s digital age, where everyone has a camera at their fingertips, a photo booth brings a touch of nostalgia and a sense of community. It’s a space where your guests can let loose, be themselves, and create lasting memories. Our 360 booth doesn’t just capture images; it captures emotions, laughter, and the essence of your event in its purest form.

Ready to Book?

Ready to elevate your event with the Xpress Entertainment 360 Booth? Contact us today to discuss your event details, customization options, and pricing. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your event shines and that every guest leaves with a smile and a memory to hold onto.

What others think of us:

a month ago
Xpress Entertainment was amazing at my wedding! The staff was super nice to all of our guests, and DJ Drew did an amazing job at keeping everyone excited all day! Thank you guys so much for making my dream wedding so special. Would definitely Recommend them to everyone I know!!
4 months ago
Drew did an AMAZING job at my wedding. He came down all they way to NC from FL we really appreciated it we couldn't have found a better DJ! We loved all the songs he picked out and his fun and easy going personality! I really liked the app we used it made things super easy to plan. I would HIGHLY recommend him! đź’›
3 weeks ago
Dj Drew was absolutely amazing!! He kept the party going at my wedding all night. We booked him only 4 days before the wedding, in this amount of time we was able to put together such an amazing party at my reception. Drew did the impossible by keeping my ENTIRE very blended family on the dance floor, which was a big concern for me. He even helped my new husband and I get in a private last dance, which we did not have time in the night for without him. The rest of his crew from xpress entertainment was beyond helpful as well, they went so far as running back to my hotel to get my earring right before I walked down the aisle. My wedding would not have been the same without DJ Drew and his crew. We are so so happy to have gotten ahold of you! Thank you for helping make out night so magical!!
4 months ago
If I could give Drew a million stars, I would. He is one of the most professional people, in general, I’ve ever worked with. He went above and beyond in every aspect; from the first point of contact where he made sure I was comfortable with the service he was providing and never once pushing the sale; to the first online video meeting where he gave me a guide for the whole night & my only job was to fill in the blanks, to the second meeting confirming I had filled in all my blanks and we were both on the same page; to the grande finale, THE WEDDING DAY! Everything that could possibly go wrong on my end did, but that didn’t stop drew from making sure I didn’t notice anything. He kept everything running smoothly, the music was amazing & dancing on the clouds was magical. He is an amazing person who does an amazing job and truly loves what he does. We will be hiring Drew in the future just for fun. Thank you Drew so much, I can’t thank you enough for everything! If you’re looking for a dj, your search ends here. You’ve found him!
a month ago
Our wedding would not have been a success without Drew!! From the start of the ceremony to the last dance, Drew took care of everything!! His staff is professional & accommodating !!

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